Felix Suchert

When I'm on the clock I work as a compiler researcher at TU Dresden, but in my spare time I enjoy dabbling my feet in systems and low-level programming, reading and sometimes also gaming. (he/him)

Advent of Parsers

If the Advent of Code is mainly about parsing inputs, why not solve it only using parsers? A slightly too detailed introduction to compiler frontends.

Building a Chat Protocol on top of DNS

After only 2 measly years of absence, today we serve you the finest chat client on the Internet, powered by the domain name system itself!

Final Station

The day starts off just like any other working day in the past few months. It's your first working day after vacation. The alarm clock brutally wakes you from a deep and dreamless sleep. The house is emptied; Your daughter went to a mandatory practice session for the case a second _Visitation_ might occur. You grab some food from the fridge and make your way to the railway station of your town where you work as a train conductor. Since the first _Visitation_ happened about a century ago, trains form the main means of transportation through the vast emptiness between the few towns that are scattered across the land.

I'm Corroding

No, I'm not getting old. I mean - yes, technically I’m aging and getting older in this very minute. But this blog entry is not about me getting old and senile. It’s about a programming language I recently started to learn: Rust.

Hand Me the Ricer

A few months ago I found this subreddit - unixporn. I'm not sure what I expected, when I clicked that link. Everyone who frequents Reddit more or less often knows that this is a place where you can find almost everything you can think of and - even more often - can find things you didn't even want to find. And since the suffix _porn_ didn't sound very promising, I was very sceptical.